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Carpe EDM ep20 Abshiva w Guest Dj Bossdrum

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Carpe EDM_20thlogo

I was invited back for a 3rd time as a guest dj on the Carpe EDM broadcast. For this mix I was asked to brake away from my normal Drum and Bass sets for a special 20th all house episode. Thank you Abshiva , Sunriseradioedm and Radiotedu, I had a blast.


Carpe EDM Episode 20(right click SAVE LINK AS)

Abshiva plays:
Knife Party – EDM Trend Machine [Carmen of the Week]
Bakermat – Teach Me (Extended Mix)
Arnaud Rebotini – All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix)
Eric Prydz – Liberate (Lane 8 Remix)
Feder – Goodbye (ft. Lyse)
Bossdrum plays:
Yeray Herrera – You & Me
Fapples, Max Lyazgin – All I Need feat. Nathalia (Original Mix)
ZHU – Faded (Forniva Warehouse Remix)
Da Lukas – I Am (Original Mix)
Chi Thanh – Let It Rain (Original Mix)
Valer den Bit – Wide Bass (Original Mix)

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Remain Standing

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Downtempo with elements of Deep,Dark,Tech and Prog House.Many thanks to Sasha PRimitive for “Give Me Your Hand” , one of my favorite songs for 2014 and as such appropriately placed as the opening track for this set. And Nora En Pure for “True” also used in this set. \o//. Enjoy and Remain Standing for the duration…


Bossdrum Remain Standing (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Sasha Primitive – Give Me Your Hand (Original Mix)
George Absent – Get On It (Felyx Remix)
Juloboy – Until The End (Original mix)
Cedric Zeyenne – Over Again (Original Mix)
Anturage, Saccao, Anton Ishutin Feat. Cotry – Fashion (Original Mix)
Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Let Me Say (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure – True (Tep No Extended Remix
Rishi K. – Love Code (Original Mix)
Teenage Mutants & TH;EN – Orange (Original Mix)
Darko De J...

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The Traveler

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Bossdrum The Traveler Mix

For Disco-Frisco o/

This is a follow up to my guest dj spot on the Carpe EDM Podcast on Sept 20th
. I love Liquid Drum and Bass and I hope it is reflected in the quality of my track list and programming.This set flows in and out of the Liquid DnB sound,take a listen I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

“Take you away from wherever you are”


Bossdrum – The Traveler (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Track List:

01 Aeuria – Birth
02 Etherwood – Give It Up (Original Mix)
03 June Miller – Brave Man
04 Etherwood – Begin By Letting Go
05 Reid – Tarnished ft.Woman’s Hour (Document One Remix)
06 Danny Darko and Christen Kwame – Walk With Me (Mage Remix)
07 MaHi – Arcus (Original Mix)
08 Evasion – The Warmth (Original Mix)
09 Part Affair & – Traveller
10 Quadrant-Kid-Hops-Irisv – Solar Wind
11 Rusl...

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The Long Dub

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I completely re-recorded the mix ,changed up the tempo a bit and added a few more tracks. Set ends with what i feel has to be one of the best Benny Benassi remixes ever,” Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk ft.Bright Lights –  Ghost (Razihel Remix)”


Bossdrum – The Long Dub (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Track List:

Vaski feat. Betty Borderline – Baddest
Schoolboy & Hyro da Hero – Lunch Money
Trolley feat.Subscape – You 4 Ria
Static Revenger feat Dev – Turn The World On (Kezwik and Protohype remix)
Dirtyphonics feat. Liela Moss – Hanging On Me
Candyland feat.Stan SB – The Secret
Kairo Kingdon – One Two (Kezwik Remix)
Neosignal – Planet Online (Culprate Remix)
Noisestorm – Backlash
MUST DIE! – Fever Dream (Part 1)
Fuzion ft. Sunn – Midnight Ride (SubVibe Remix)
Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk ft...

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Black Tiger Sex Machine Sampler Mix

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I found Black Tiger Sex Machine through a friend and totally fell in love with their style and sound. I put together a sampler mix with a few of their tracks and sent it off to BTSM asking them if it was ok for me to post it for some friends to check out and they responded with “totally, one love man!”. So if you like Dark, Heavy Electro House you must check these guys out. Special thanks to the guys in Black Tiger Sex Machine and their record label Kannibalen Records for allowing me to share this mix with everyone.

Bossdrum – Black Tiger Sex Machine sampler mix (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Midnight Violence (Original Mix)
Rezorecta (Original Mix)
Vatican (Original Mix)
Coven (LeKtriQue Remix)
Stairway (Original Mix)

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Wall Of Sound

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Wall Of Sound Mix

This is one of my most requested mixes. Spent alot of time programming this one. Hope you enjoy it.

I heart  “Major Look – Legacy”  damn good track.

Bossdrum – Wall Of Sound (right click SAVE LINK AS)


Track List:

01 Disclosure – You Me ft. Eliza Doolittle (Baauer Remix)
02 Michael Jackson – Beat It (Mutrix Remix)
03 Au5 & Fractal – Halcyon (Original Mix)
04 Major Look – Legacy
05 Jarvis – Nosebleed (Original Mix)
06 Tonez faet. Laura Noir – Bass Drop
07 Drumsound & Bassline Smith -Atomosphere
08 Simple Motions – First Step (Original Miix)
09 Savant – Patriots (Original Mix)
10 Noisia & The Upbeats – Dustup (Rekoil Bootleg)
11 Tapolsky & Vovking – ZZ Pop (Original Mix)
12 Tapolsky & Vovking – Fat Ass Drop (Original Mix)
13 Skydroid – Uncut (Original Mix)
14 Fatboy Slim – Right He...

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Live on 94.7FM KNRK Portland, Oregon 2006

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Back in 2006 I got an invite to do 2 sets for Knrk in Portland,Oregon opening for Paul Oakenfold’s mix show (yay me! super famous now). For the first set I did a darker progressive house set, for the second a trance set (which i’ll have to hunt down).The only place you would hear darker music was at a Industrial/Goth night at a local club. I thought i was going to open up the eye’s of Portland.  I stuck to songs I liked and made sure to include what I think is the most perfect song ever made……. The Dirty Fours – Bass Trap (Luke Chable Remix).

That night i got no calls asking “hey what was that song 20 mins into the mix” or “man I heard your mix on 94.7, that was great! “. So I stuck it on a cd and packed it away...

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