Author: djwraith

In recent years Dj Wraith has been found in various night clubs across Canada spinning pulse thumping electronica, including Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto.

He is best known for his passion towards music.  Be it Hard Trance, U.K. Hard House, Epic Trance, or Hardstyle, he assaults your auditory system with technical mixing and a track selection that won’t let you sit down.  His love for all aspects of Electronica is especially apparent in his original mixes, experimental style, as well as his dance moves behind the turntables. He is a crowd favorite, people who have seen or heard him spin will attest, his audio passions run deep and become explosive when he is performing.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Dj Wraith started his career in 2000 at the age of 19. His love of Trance and UK Hard House spawned the need to be a deeper part of the music.  With help from his mentor Dj EvoTek, from Calgary, he learned the art of mixing using turntables (still his preferred method of sharing the music he loves).  His first residency was 2002-2003 at the Bulldog pub in Calgary. After the closure of the pub Dj Wraith decided to travel across Canada.  Living briefly in Winnipeg he had the chance to perform at raves and house parties, finally arriving in Ottawa in 2005.  In 2007 Dj Wraith started a residency with Ottawa’s only monthly Hard Dance event, Deep Frequency Fusion. Recently Dj Wraith has taken his audio lust further by starting to write/produce remixes and original songs.

Dj Wraith has been quoted saying “there is nothing better than seeing a sea of people all bouncing in rhythm, fully experiencing and enjoying the music I’m playing”.   If you came looking for a crunchy     kick-drum, an uplifting Trance riff, a driving bass line, or the playful bounce of Hard House, when you step onto Dj Wraith’s dance floor your ears will be in heaven… and your legs will hate you tomorrow.

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