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Sarcastro – Live at School of Bass #43 @ Brixton’s Pub

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

I rarely post sets without tracklists or anything below 320kbps but I just received this recording from a show earlier this year (Saturday April 27th, 2013) and I figured I’d share it in lieu of the 7D set I promised recently (which is still coming, just at a later date)… if anybody wants any of these tracks identified, just shoot me a quick email with the track time(s) and I’ll do my best!

Cheers, hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a safe New Years šŸ™‚

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MP3Ā (1:45:21, 96.4MB, 128kbps MP3)


SCHOOL OF BASS #43 | Sat. April 27, 2013 | Brixton’s British Pub | 210 Sparks Street, Ottawa

Kiel ‘MC’ Caesar memorial show this Friday

Thursday, December 12th, 2013


Hard to believe it’s been two years now since we had to say goodbye to Kiel, and like last year we’re getting together to remember one amazing guy. Not only was he a huge part of our scene as a promoter and an MC but he was a great friend to so many of us as well

Tomorrow (Friday, December 13th) Rough Crew & School of Bass invite you come join us to rinse out and remember what a great friend, family member and MC Kiel really was.

At Midnight we silence the bar to raise our drinks to the sky and have a moment of silence in honour of Kiel.



11 – 12 – ECHO SWIFT
12 – 01 – SARCASTRO
01 – 02 – THE MONKEY BROTHERS (Woblz & Mugz)
02 – 03 – I.D.E


The Cock & Lion Pub @ 202 Sparks Street, Ottawa ON (Map)
19+ with valid ID / No cover charge.

Facebook Event Listing


Here’s a few mixes we recorded together:

Sarcastro & MC Caesar – Live @ DnB Noize (2009-Sep-24)
Sarcastro & MC Caesar – Random Wednesday Shenanigans (2010-Sep-22)
Sarcastro & MC Caesar – Live @ DnB Noize (2009-Nov-26)
Sarcastro & MC Caesar – Capital City Ruffige (2009-Apr-21)

Hopefully see you there!

Sarcastro – Music To Be Murdered By (2013 Halloween DnB Mix)

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Ā Sarcastro - Music To Be Murdered By (Album Cover)

A dark Halloween-themed drum and bass mix. As the title of the mix suggests, this is meant to be listened to while you’re being done in. If you turn up the volume loud enough it might even drown out your screams. Enjoy!

1. ā€“ Alfred Hitchcock ā€“ Music To Be Murdered By (1958)
2. Dom & Roland ā€“ Paralax (2011)
3. Biopssia ā€“ Robot (2013)
4. Nu:Logic ā€“ Tripping In Space (2013)
5. Sintax ā€“ Metro (2009)
6. Nickbee ā€“ Animal Rage (2013)
7. ā€“ Edgar Allen Poe ā€“ The Tell-Tale Heart (Read by Cherney Berg) (1973)
8. N-Phonix & MJ Free ā€“ Speedway (2013)
9. Teddy Killerz ā€“ Violence (2013)
10. Nu:Logic ā€“ Start Again feat S.P.Y (2013)
11. Mark Instinct ā€“ CTRL (2013)
12. Tenebra & Walder ā€“ Scorch [Dubplate] (2010?)
13. Zardonic & Messinian ā€“ Survive (State of Mind Remix) (2013)
14. Dose ā€“ What Lies Within (2013)
15. Command Strange ā€“ Black Hat (2013)
16. DC Breaks ā€“ Swag (2013)
17. Mayel ā€“ Higgs Boson (2013)
18. State of Mind ā€“ Destinesia (2013)
19. ā€“ Alfred Hitchcock ā€“ I’ll Walk Alone (1958)
20. Mob Tactics ā€“ Outrun (2013)
21. Simple Motions ā€“ First Step (2013)
22. Cruk ā€“ Punisher (2013)
23. ā€“ Alfred Hitchcock ā€“ The Hour of Parting (1958)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOADĀ (51:30, 117MB, 320kbps MP3)


This mix was recorded for Tales From The Graveyard Decks Vol. 2, a pack of 10 Halloween mixes by:

DarXide (Hardstyle)
EKO (Hard Dance)
Joe Rowe (Hard Trance)
KylJaK (Gabber)
Sadistik (UK Hardcore)
Sarcastro (Drum & Bass)
SINAD (Subground)
The Beattoven (Florida Hard Dance)
TOXiK (Hardstyle)
Type-Z.E.R.O (Hardstyle)

Link:Tales From The Graveyard Decks Vol. 2 @ Overdrive Canada

(Note: The version of my mix hosted there is missing the Alfred Hitchcock & Cherney Berg samples because I’m a slacker and didn’t get them in on time.)

Sarcastro – 7D Vol. 4 Mix (2012)

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

7D Vol. 4 Part 1 Album Cover

ā€œ7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria is here to bring you the best of hard electronic music. Seven extremely talented Canadian DJs have come together to give you this massive and FREE album! The goal of this album was to familiarize the audiences around the world with not just one type of electronic music, but with seven types. The genres included in this fantastic album are, Drum Nā€™ Bass, EBM, Hard Trance, PsyTrance, Hardstyle, Freeform, and last but not least UK Hardcore.ā€

01. Break – Slow Down
02. Mob Tactics – Kansas
03. Place 2b & Dyamorph – Tornado
04. Audio – Loudener
05. Limewax – AB Terrorizer (VIP)
06. Mefjus – Radix (VIP)
07. Prolix – Twisted Angel
08. Incident – Tones of Persistence
09. Counterstrike – Drone
10. Mindscape – Sickness (Zero Method Remix)
11. Uman & BTK – Generator
12. Total Science – Going in Circles (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
13. Dose – Squander
14. Unknown Artist – Coming Home Again
15. Counterstrike & Nymfo – Midway
16. Kantyze – Dusk Empire
17. C.A.2K – Matrix
18. Arsenic – The Decapitator (Resonant Evil Remix)
19. Temper D – Sunrise at Sonar
20. Task Horizon – Ghost In The Shell 2.0
21. Fred V – Paradise

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (60:06, 137MB, 320kbps MP3)

7D: The 7 Dimensions of Euphoria Website

Euphoria 11 – Nov.13 2010, Ottawa, Canada

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Coming up this Nov. 13th in Ottawa, Canada – EUPHORIA 11, Synergy’s 11 year anniversary party.

I’ll be playing alongside Rodi Style, Construct, Eric D, Tamerax, Justin Case vs Presha, Echo Swift, DubLDrop, Tampered DNA, Emm, Reverie, IDE, Mister Mystic, The Ninji, Type Zero, and Tha Pink Mutha Fuka.

Really pumped for this one… event details can be found at the following:

Facebook Event Listing Event Listing
Official Website