Here’s a random half-hour mini hardcore mix I made for fun. Enjoy!

My very special set @ Filthy As Fuck includes: dubstep, riddim/skank, dark/death/filthstep, heavy dnb, crossbreed, tekky dnb, hardcore and gabber.

Woblz – Live @ 1UP (2013-Sep-11)

Here’s my set from the 1Up show on September 11th, 2013 with Sinister Souls.

Rat Bitch Mix

November 12, 2010

I hope u enjoy this mix as much as i had fun making it Right Click Save As N-jOy Woblz


November 12, 2010

Heres a mix i made a few weeks ago. Tracklist to come soon Right Click Save As N-jOy Woblz

New mixes from Woblz & Sarcastro!

So Sarcastro and I decided one morning to hit record and jam. What do you end up with? Two solid ……U know u Wanna!

NEW Weekly Top10 now started!

September 1, 2010
NEW Weekly Top10 now started!

August 22nd to 28th 1: Borgore – Afro Blue 2: Bar9 – Motion 3:End Boss – Big Trouble 4: Bare ……U know u Wanna!

Bassdrop Thursdays

June 1, 2010

Remember to tune in every thursday for Bassdrop Thursdays on where Sarcastro & myself throw down from 7pm to ……U know u Wanna!

Its been too long

January 24, 2010

Yes it has, ive been trying to find someone to revamp the site, but no luck and it needed a ……U know u Wanna!

Dig.It.All Presents Sub Swara

December 24, 2009

Sub Swara is a live electronic crew that represents the best in lo-frequency hi-vibration culture. The Sub Swara sound is ……U know u Wanna!

J’aime le Dubstep mix

September 30, 2009
J’aime le Dubstep mix

Jaime le Dubstep Mix no26 <—Right click save as So, i was asked to make a short mini mix for ……U know u Wanna!

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