I will be Officially changing my name from Supaman to Woblz. It has been on my mind for a while now and i finally found a new name. So hopefully everyone likes it, cause if not……toooooo baaaaaaad, im keepin it.

While im at it, in other news. I will be releasing The Second Dub Commandment very soon. It will be very different that the firts, as will all of the dub commandment mixes will be. So keep your eyes peeled for it ;) .

Also will be paying along side with Ill Gates at Dimension X in Montreal on October 17th Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=119810174890&ref=ts . Heres is all the info

3 room jam .. psy, dub step, and techno. Headliners and all .. in the werx .. more info soon.

Room 1 :: PSYCHIC PORTAL :: Psytrance

Electrypnose LIVE + DJ Set ::: Digital Psionics, 2to6 Records – Switzerland :::

Quivering Virgin (Black Light Activists – Toronto)
Br34th3 (Nexus Media – Montreal)
Yann (Tech safari, Ultra Groove Records – Montreal)
Virtual Light (Prism Code, Geomagnetic – Montreal)
Hexa 5 (Prism Code, Tundra Recs, FAK – Montreal)
Decode (Aztecsoul – Montreal)

Deco by : Forensic Cortex (London, UK)

VJ : Create Change

Room 2 :: THE LIZARD CAGE :: Dubstep

Ill Gates ::: Muti Music – Toronto :::
[ www.thephatconductor.com ]

RedEyz (Badman Press, Rottun Recordings – Ottawa)
Rick Roy Aka Woblz (Rough ‘n Rugged – Ottawa) Alongside Mc Caesar
Living Stone (Dig.iT.aL – Montreal)
Vilify (BassDriveWed, wickedbad.net, West-End – Montreal)
Construct (High on Beats/SUB.FM – Montreal)

VJ : Erebus

Room 3 – FLYING PIG PARADISE – Minimal Techno

Repeat Customer ::Live:: (Black Light Activists – Toronto)
Tao (FM Radio Gods, Attitude Recordings – Montreal)
Tapwatr (Attitude Recordings – Monntreal)
Tenzin (Tech Safari – Montreal)
Zentrix (Montrea)

Location announced 24 Hours before event.

Juice Bar By : Shakti Shakes

Trancefare :
30$ in advance
40$ at the door

Tickets available at :
Psychonaut – 154 Prince Arthur (Montrea)
Norml Clothing – 184 Rideau St. (Ottawa)

Info :
reptiloid@hotmail.com (Email & msn)

Rave.ca Link :

Come To Contribute Not To Consume


Rick Roy aka Woblz

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