Announcement !!!!!

August 27, 2009

I will be Officially changing my name from Supaman to Woblz. It has been on my mind for a while ……U know u Wanna!

New Hardstyle mix, YES Hardstyle mix

So here is my liveset from Deep Frequency Fridays. I havent played hardstyle in over 8 months and this is ……U know u Wanna!

The Dub Commandments: First Commandment

I’ve been working on this promo mix for about a month now and finally got it down and everything. So, ……U know u Wanna!

Rick Roy – Just Enough

July 30, 2008
Rick Roy – Just Enough

Here is a minimal mix i made last year just for fun. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Right click save as) ……U know u Wanna!

Supaman – Light or Dark?

Supaman – Light or Dark? 01:Bruno Power meets DARK OSCILLATORS – Reseach Future 02:ACID BUNNY – Starscream (Dave Dope remix) ……U know u Wanna!

Supaman – Atache Tatuk

June 30, 2008
Supaman – Atache Tatuk

Here is a promo mix i made for a party in Montreal last year. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Right click ……U know u Wanna!

Supaman Live set @ Feb 09

Supaman Live on Feb 26th 09 DOWNLOAD MIX HERE (Right click save as) Tracklisting 01: FreQ Nasty vs Propa ……U know u Wanna!

Rick Roy – Advent

April 29, 2008
Rick Roy – Advent

The last electro mix i made, has a little bit of dubstep CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Righ click save as) ……U know u Wanna!

Supaman – Listen and learn

September 30, 2007
Supaman – Listen and learn

Here’s a very interesting mix I made a few years back. Has a bunch of styles all rolled into one. ……U know u Wanna!

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