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Carpe EDM ep20 Abshiva w Guest Dj Bossdrum

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Carpe EDM_20thlogo

I was invited back for a 3rd time as a guest dj on the Carpe EDM broadcast. For this mix I was asked to brake away from my normal Drum and Bass sets for a special 20th all house episode. Thank you Abshiva , Sunriseradioedm and Radiotedu, I had a blast.


Carpe EDM Episode 20(right click SAVE LINK AS)

Abshiva plays:
Knife Party – EDM Trend Machine [Carmen of the Week]
Bakermat – Teach Me (Extended Mix)
Arnaud Rebotini – All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix)
Eric Prydz – Liberate (Lane 8 Remix)
Feder – Goodbye (ft. Lyse)
Bossdrum plays:
Yeray Herrera – You & Me
Fapples, Max Lyazgin – All I Need feat. Nathalia (Original Mix)
ZHU – Faded (Forniva Warehouse Remix)
Da Lukas – I Am (Original Mix)
Chi Thanh – Let It Rain (Original Mix)
Valer den Bit – Wide Bass (Original Mix)

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Remain Standing

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Downtempo with elements of Deep,Dark,Tech and Prog House.Many thanks to Sasha PRimitive for “Give Me Your Hand” , one of my favorite songs for 2014 and as such appropriately placed as the opening track for this set. And Nora En Pure for “True” also used in this set. \o//. Enjoy and Remain Standing for the duration…


Bossdrum Remain Standing (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Sasha Primitive – Give Me Your Hand (Original Mix)
George Absent – Get On It (Felyx Remix)
Juloboy – Until The End (Original mix)
Cedric Zeyenne – Over Again (Original Mix)
Anturage, Saccao, Anton Ishutin Feat. Cotry – Fashion (Original Mix)
Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Let Me Say (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure – True (Tep No Extended Remix
Rishi K. – Love Code (Original Mix)
Teenage Mutants & TH;EN – Orange (Original Mix)
Darko De J...

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Imported November Mix #01

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I’m starting off November with a massive house vibe!! You can label this mix deep house, tech house, prog house or ???? I’m just calling it a HOUSE mix because for me all those genre’s “feel” same to me,  give the same vibe and evoke the same emotions. Call it soup……… I love house and I don’t get many chances to mix it. Enjoy!!!

Bossdrum_-_Imported_November_Mix 01 (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Gariy & Hacker – Party Movin’ On (Nopopstar Remix)
No Hopes – Back to SWAG (Original Mix)
Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Gotsome Bump-In-The-Trunk Remix)
Mario Plaza – Depp Piece (original mix)
Jizzin – House Nights (Original Mix
Charles Lima and Morttagua – In Love With You (DAVINA Remix)
Rosario Galati – Deep in My Chest (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix)
Boza – Do You Feel (Origina...

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Pretty Odesza Lights

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If you like ODESZA’s NO.SLEEP mixes you might dig this

House.Deep House,Progressive House and Utah Saints baby!!!

The mix starts downtempo then picks up along the way

This is what and how I would play if I was spinning in a house with just my friends around.

I have found myself listening to a bunch of ODESZA and Pretty Lights. ODESZA does a NO.SLEEP mix which is an hour long mix filled with whatever they feel suits the mood, kinda like they are playing just for a house full of friends

This mix is mostly house themed,a randomy”ish” tempo,it consists mostly of me sampling/looping/filtering/mashing the crap out of everything,it is at times off tempo or wont make much sense but I love doing these kind of mixes as I’m free to play whatever I LIKE. I do hope everyone enjoys it.


Pretty O...

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Deep House Mix 2013

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Deep House has and always will be my guilty pleasure. My favorite kind of gig and venue were the ones with only like 30 to 40 people. The pay off with Deep House in a small uncrowded venue like that is watching every single person bob their heads in sync when a track like Nora En Pure’s “Come with Me” starts playing, I love those moments. Enjoy


Bossdrum – Deep House Mix (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Track List:

Andhim Walkmen
Nora En Pure Come With Me
Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E Need U (100%) (Hed Kandi Deep House Edit]
Shadow Child So High (Hot Since 82 Remix)
Yousef Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)
Front 44 The New Old Man (Mr House Mix)
Dino Kenji Bacilo Dk – House Mix
Danny Graham Sick As A Dog (KPAXX Mix)

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Black Tiger Sex Machine Sampler Mix

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I found Black Tiger Sex Machine through a friend and totally fell in love with their style and sound. I put together a sampler mix with a few of their tracks and sent it off to BTSM asking them if it was ok for me to post it for some friends to check out and they responded with “totally, one love man!”. So if you like Dark, Heavy Electro House you must check these guys out. Special thanks to the guys in Black Tiger Sex Machine and their record label Kannibalen Records for allowing me to share this mix with everyone.

Bossdrum – Black Tiger Sex Machine sampler mix (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Midnight Violence (Original Mix)
Rezorecta (Original Mix)
Vatican (Original Mix)
Coven (LeKtriQue Remix)
Stairway (Original Mix)

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Friday Morning House Mix

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A bit of practice mixing to get my day started, turned out pretty good. Funky way to put on your pants!

(short set 38 mins)

Friday Morning House Mix (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Track List:

Breach – Jack (Original Mix)
Gary Caos – Soul Power ’74 (Sax Power 2K13 Mix)
Joeski – Hustles Revenge (Prok & Fitch Remix)
Andres Blows – Barbosa (Original Mix)
Roger Sanchez feat GTO – Troubleman (Original Mix)
Carlos Perez – Papanatas (Original Mix)

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Raymonds House

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Raymonds House

Mix I Made for an old dj friend of mine that i haven’t seen in 20 years.

Heavy Deep,Techy,Vocal House. If you love deep house you’ll love this set

Bossdrum – Raymonds House (deep house mix) (right click SAVE LINK AS)


Trak List:

Nora En Pure – Come with Me
Inland Knights – Can You Do That
Dusky – Vanishing Point (Original Mix)
Okabi – Mossi Mossi (Original Mix)
Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix-Pleasurekraft Edit)
Ben Champell – Get On Up (Original Mix)
Jerome Robins & Dolly Rockers – What About My Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown Remix)
Danny Bimbela – CMYK (Original Mix)
Africanism Presents Bob Sinclar – Samba in Hell (Roger Sanchez Reboot)
DJ Paulo & Todd Dutkevitch – Pure Tribal (Mike Kings & Hugo Rizzo Remix)
Tom Sawyer – Rockstar (Castelli & Bravetti Remix)

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Live on 94.7FM KNRK Portland, Oregon 2006

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Back in 2006 I got an invite to do 2 sets for Knrk in Portland,Oregon opening for Paul Oakenfold’s mix show (yay me! super famous now). For the first set I did a darker progressive house set, for the second a trance set (which i’ll have to hunt down).The only place you would hear darker music was at a Industrial/Goth night at a local club. I thought i was going to open up the eye’s of Portland.  I stuck to songs I liked and made sure to include what I think is the most perfect song ever made……. The Dirty Fours – Bass Trap (Luke Chable Remix).

That night i got no calls asking “hey what was that song 20 mins into the mix” or “man I heard your mix on 94.7, that was great! “. So I stuck it on a cd and packed it away...

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