The Long Dub

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I completely re-recorded the mix ,changed up the tempo a bit and added a few more tracks. Set ends with what i feel has to be one of the best Benny Benassi remixes ever,” Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk ft.Bright Lights –  Ghost (Razihel Remix)”


Bossdrum – The Long Dub (right click SAVE LINK AS)

Track List:

Vaski feat. Betty Borderline – Baddest
Schoolboy & Hyro da Hero – Lunch Money
Trolley feat.Subscape – You 4 Ria
Static Revenger feat Dev – Turn The World On (Kezwik and Protohype remix)
Dirtyphonics feat. Liela Moss – Hanging On Me
Candyland feat.Stan SB – The Secret
Kairo Kingdon – One Two (Kezwik Remix)
Neosignal – Planet Online (Culprate Remix)
Noisestorm – Backlash
MUST DIE! – Fever Dream (Part 1)
Fuzion ft. Sunn – Midnight Ride (SubVibe Remix)
Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk ft.Bright Lights – Ghost (Razihel Remix)